Professional Virtual Assistant

Subject matter experts

How does it work?

professional virtual assistant 

We help you by positioning the correct experts in place to perform the tasks that bring you the best results that your small business needs.

We know you work hard and deserve the best that’s why,

You will have an assigned professional virtual assistant subject matter expert working on your tasks and projects. 

This Means… 

When you get a Prime P.A. you don’t have to search endlessly for a multi-skilled P.A. or worry about what skills your virtual assistant has or does not have.

Prime PAs

Web Design

Web designer – Create a responsive professional website


Writer / Content creator – Write professional content for your blog, website and publications.


Marketing executive – Plan a strategy to reach your target audience.


Ebay virtual assistant – Improve your listings, list more and sell more. 

Need expert business support?


Hire a professional virtual assistant subject matter expert for your next project.

Choose how many experts you want

• Build your own team

• You and your team create a plan for your project

• Your team completes the project. 

Work smarter and faster with expert business support

Step 1

Talk to us about your needs, book a consultationbuy blocks of time, or request a quote.

Step 2

Review and accept terms and specifics of assignment/ project/ task

Step 3

Your business support specialists will create a plan for your goals.


Your virtual assistant will carry out the work.

You will gain instant access to your virtual assistants

  • Direct contact number
  • Direct email address
  • Calendar to schedule meetings directly

You will also gain access to

  • Your client portal where you can upload and share documents safely and securely
  • Your private client space where you can keep track of progress of your tasks or projects
Expert Knowledge
Outstanding results

Talk to a trusted P.A. about your individual needs and goals

  • Increase your productivity 100% 100%
  • Reduce workload 100% 100%
  • Reduce workload 100% 100%

Prime Support

An extra pair of hands working in the background to complete tasks that are more productive for an expert to complete.  


Premium Support

Make a direct impact in your market, by utilising all streams of marketing and industry experts for maximum results.


Personalised Support

Delegate tasks to a subject matter expert  to complete for you. Or choose from our range of services to create your own pack.

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